Jun 2, 2021 • 1HR 12M

6: Black Women Belong in Politics with Shanequa Moore

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The North Star
To be a female-identifying person of color in this country often means carrying a burden that is invisible to others. This is especially true when women of color are tasked with leading in white-dominant workspaces - particularly in the age of Black Lives Matter as organizations are grappling with their response to calls for social reform and are looking to Black women to lead this work. In this podcast, Rai King and Dr. Blanca Ruiz will explore what it means to be a W.O.C. at Work by elevating the voices of female-identifying leaders of color in order to shed light on their common experiences as they push for transformational change in organizations across the country.
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In this episode of W.O.C. at Work, Rai and Blanca sit down with community activist, social worker, and NYC City Council candidate, Shanequa E. Moore to discuss the unmet needs in our communities surrounding fair housing and access to quality education. They also talk about why Shanequa decided to run for office after decades as a nonprofit executive, an…

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